Best Dog Training Books For Hard To Train Dogs

dog_training_masterWhat are the best dog training books online, and how do you know which one to buy? I’ll help you figure that out, but first, let me explain a little bit about dog behavior. Dogs are relatively high-maintenance pets, and first-time dog owners are in for a ride when their new four-legged best friend barks and jumps on people.  If you’re considering getting a dog, it’s important to be prepared beforehand.

You’ll Need Dog Obedience Training

Even the nicest dogs can display bad behavior. How will you keep your dog from jumping on your guests, running outside as soon as someone opens a door, and stop that god awful shrill barking sound in your yard?  Not only is it important that a dog understand “sit”, “lay down”, “stay” and “come” commands.  Your dog also needs to be well mannered.
Training a dog is important not just to demonstrate what tricks your dog knows, but also to prevent your dog from biting someone or even running off. A dog’s behavior is a reflection of its owner.  So having the best dog training books at your disposal is a necessity.

House Training – The Biggest Hurdle

dog pooping on grassEvery dog owner worries about “accidents” in the home.  They also worry about how to get their puppy that’s used to using newspapers indoors to start pooping and peeing outside.  There’s a certain way to communicate with your dog during house training.  Are you communicating correctly with your dog, and showing the correct reaction to accidents, or are you just confusing him instead?   Many dog owners react poorly and reinforce accidents.  But if you pick the right dog training book, your problem will be solved.

A good dog training book will cover house training in depth.

Dog Health

At some point, your pet will have pet issues. Will you know what to do?  Having one of the best dog training books will cover, in detail, how to handle a dog health problem.   Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, you will eventually encounter some ailment or injury. For instance, heart worms are a major issue in dogs.

Major Issue or Small Problems – How Can You Tell?
Some symptoms may seem like major health issues in a dog, but may not be cause for panic.  While other symptoms may not seem like a big deal, but could be more serious than you think. Would you know what to do if your dog had stomach problems, or even diabetes? What are you doing about spaying or neutering your dog, and at what point during its life?
Get a 3 in 1 Dog Training Book

The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package is a jam-packed 3 in 1 dog training bonanza:

1) dog obedience training
2) house training and
3) dog health book
… all for 1 affordable price.
The three ebooks and audiobooks are highly recommended for dog owners who want to be prepared for any problem they’re likely to encounter in a dog’s health or training. With this package, you’ll have one of the very best dog training books online that you can find.  Read my honest review of The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package, then buy this dog training book!

How to Train Your Dog in the Basics

How to train your dog to obey your commands is a challenge, especially for new pooch owners.  But it doesn’t have to be so hard. As a matter of fact, learning how to train your dog is easy once you know the tools of the trade. Get your hands on the right pooch training information and supplies, and you’ll be well on your way to having a well behaved dog. In this article, I’ll show you some basic pooch training commands and techniques so your four-legged friend listens to you.

What Behavior Do You Want to Change in Your Dog?

In order for me to teach you how to train your dog, you first have to pinpoint the problem. Then you have to be very clear on what results you want. What do  you want to train your canine friend to do? Stop leaping on people? Stop chewing your furniture? Stop digging? In addition, before you can learn how to train your dog, you’ll need some of these tricks of the trade:

Tools of The Trade

1. Crate

2. Collar (a plain well fitting one)

3. Leashes – a 6 foot leash; a longer length leash; and a retractable leash. Buy a leash that feels comfortable in your hand rather than what fits your
canine friend or matches his collar

4. Gate

5. Draglines

6. Aversives

7. Soft Treats

Let’s Start…

Any advanced dog training is contingent on knowing the basics dog training. And if your basic foundation is rock solid, advanced training will be a breeze! Below are 7 basic dog training commands every dog owner should teach their dog.

Dog Training 101 Commands

1. Come (recall)

2. Sit

3. Stay

4. “Drop It”

5. “Sit and Stay”

6 “Down” (Drop)

7. “Heel”

Each of these commands requires a lesson by itself. So I won’t try to cram all 7 lessons in this one article. In this article, I’m going to train your puppy (or dog) to sit.

The “Sit” Command

The “Sit” command is super easy to teach your puppy. I’d even say it’s the easiest. Puppies have no self-control. And they’re much easier to manage if they learn to sit on command.

For instance, if you show your puppy to sit before he can eat, he’ll learn early on that he’ll get a reward for doing the right behavior – and more likely to perform that good behavior in the future.

How to Train Your Dog to Sit In 5 Easy Steps

1. Position yourself on the same level as your four-legged friend.

2. Place one of his treats near his nose. Move your hand up slowly so that his head follows you.
3. As his head moves up in the direction of your hand, his butt will lower.

4. Once his butt hits the floor, release the treat to his mouth. Immediately give him hearty praise for doing it. Simply say “Good, sit!”

5. Conduct several sessions throughout the day. Pair the behavior with the word “Sit.”

6. Finally, you’re going to tell him to sit without the treat in your hand. When he sits, give him hearty praise instead of a treat.

Successful Tips

Make sure you don’t hold the treat too high in the air, or your four-legged friend will jump for it – which will defeat the purpose. So make sure you hold
it close to his nose with a closed hand just high enough that he’s forced to stretch his neck. Then, every time his butt hits the floor, say “Good sit!”

Keep Sessions Short and Sweet

Puppies and dogs are unable to pay attention to something for very long. They’ll lose interest in the training if you keep at it too long. Instead, break up the training into multiple sessions throughout the day – and make sure it’s fun for the dog. Make sure you reinforce the sit command in other situations whenever possible. For example, make him sit before you feed him. And make him sit before you open the door to take him out for his walk.

Don’t Punish Him

Don’t punish him if he doesn’t sit when you tell him to. If you scream at him, it won’t help – he’ll just be afraid of you. Instead, gently say, “try again” before he eats or open the door to take him out. If the sit command is reinforced every time you tell your dog to sit away from the door, he won’t race out the door when you open it.


When learning how to train your dog, you need consistency. If you’re inconsistent with your training, your puppy will have many relapses. Don’t blame your dog for his relapses.

Buy a Really Good Dog Training Guide

When learning how to train your dog, it’s important to buy a really good canine training book. If you don’t know of any dog training books, read reviews on the best dog training books online. Here’s a really super informative puppy training book I bought to train my dogs that’s excellent.

I highly recommend it, especially if you’re a new canine owner. It’s a step-by-step dog training guide that teaches you how to train your dog from home, and solve the most common canine behavior problems. It’s called Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer.

Who is Adam Katz and What is Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer?

Secrets of a Professional Dog TrainerSo, who is  Adam Katz, and why should you care?  Well, if you’re a new dog owner, or even if it’s your second dog, you’ll find this information very helpful to you – especially if you’re struggling with training your dog.

Adam Katz, is the author of Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer, a dog training eBook, which I’ll get into more detail later.  He’s also the founder of South Bay K-9 Academy, and the $10K Dog Trainer Challenge.  Adam has a wealth of experience in the dog training field and commands the respect of his colleagues because of his expertise.  In fact, his expertise puts him up there with the likes of Cesar Millan, only he prefers to keep a low key profile.

What Makes Adam Katz Different From Other Dog Trainers?

Look, I’m not going to go on about how he’s the “best” XYZ…. What I will say is what makes Adam Katz different from a lot of other professional dog trainers is that he stays on top of his profession.  He doesn’t use the standard dog training techniques most other professional dog trainers follow.  If he finds a particular training technique isn’t effective, no matter how popular, he won’t recommend it to his clients or his readers.   In fact, that’s what happened when he published Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer.

What is Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer?

Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer is 300+ page eBook that’s jam packed with dog obedience training lessons.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dog owner, the techniques are easy to use and they work – fast.  The book teaches you how to train the most resistant, stubborn (even dumb) dog to listen to you – without you ever having to yell at the top of your lungs.

Unlike most dog training books online, this is a living breathing document. It’s updated constantly.  Times change.  Techniques change.  So Adam Katz makes it his business to make sure his books change with the time.

Easy to Read and Understand

Adam makes the book very easy to read and understand.  He writes conversationally, friendly, so you don’t feel like you’re in a science class and you don’t fall asleep while reading the book.

By the way, it’s not one of those books you can just go to the particular section you want – say “Dog Aggression” start reading it and try to apply the tenets. This book must be read cover to cover.  Why?  Because it’s a system.  If you skip a section, then try to implement a training technique in the next section, it may not work and it won’t make sense to you because it will be out of context.

Why a Forum Membership?

When you sign up for Adam Katz’ Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer eBook, you automatically become a member of the dog forum at no extra cost.  The forum consists of dog owners like yourself.  But the beauty is that Adam Katz and his professional dog trainers are online with you.  They answer your questions immediately so you’re not left frustrated, not knowing why a particular dog training technique isn’t working and why your dog is acting like a spaz.


In sum, I’ve read Cesar Millan’s books and I’ve read Adam G. Katz’ books.  I think they’re both excellent dog trainers.  But if I had to choose, I’d chose Adam Katz and Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer.  Adam Katz just seems more real to me.  I don’t know. There’s something about becoming a celebrity and your products becoming too commercialized that turns me off.   To each his own though.   By the way, I’ve done my own review of the top 5 best dog training books online.   You be the judge and decide.

Daniel Stevens Review: Is Secrets to Dog Training the Solution to Bad Dog Behavior?

You might notice that I often mention the name Daniel Stevens in my blog posts at  Why?  Who is Daniel Stevens?  Is Daniel Stevens a scam?  Daniel is the author of the bestselling book, ‘Secrets to Dog Training.’

If you keep reading, you’ll soon discover why this ebook is considered the “Bible” when it comes to dog training.

What’s So Great About This Dog Training Ebook?

Secrets to Dog Training is not just another dog training guide, it’s a comprehensive system designed to get your dog to listen to you any time, anywhere.

First, this book teaches you everything you need to know about dogs in general.  It then specifically addresses every kind of dog issue you can imagine.

Hand Held Guidance

Daniel Stevens’ course teaches you step by step how to deal with some of the most challenging dog problems.  So if your dog likes to nip or bite people, Daniel Stevens’ book is definitely for you.

Successful Dog Training For The Owner

In addition to focusing on the training of the dog, Secrets to Dog Training focuses on the dog owner’s behavior as well.  Most dog training guides merely focus on the dog’s behavior instead of the owner’s behavior as well.

But in order for dog training to be successful, the owner has to unlearn some of his own bad habits – habits that he may be teaching the dog that is ultimately undoing all this hard work!

Strategies That Empower You

Daniel Stevens helps you understand how dogs think.  Understanding how a dog thinks is critical.  Once you understand a dog’s mind, training him will be easy as pie.    You’ll also know how to build a healthy relationship with your dog.

No More Expensive Personal Dog Trainers

The problem with personal dog trainers is the dog is being trained by the trainer – not you!  So when the trainer leaves, all of the dog training goes out the window because your dog is trained to respond to the trainer.

The major advantage of having a system like Secrets to Dog Training is that you are the only one training you dog.  That means every time you command your dog to sit, stay, or whatever other command you give him, you build repoire with the dog.

Your’e also putting yourself in the Alpha position.  So when it’s time to take your dog out for a walk, you can be super confident that your dog will listen to you.

What Exactly Does Daniel Stevens’ Guide Actually Teach?

For starters, it covers all aspects of adopting a dog. This system also teaches you which breed might be best for your lifestyle.  It also covers everything you need to know as a new dog owner, including choosing a vet.

This guide teaches you how to solve:

6.Separation anxiety
8.General dog obedience problems

Secrets to Dog Training has 9 chapters.  Every chapter is designed to focus on a dog problem and its solution.  This book even has software that will help you track your progress with your dog – how cool is that?.

Is It Worth It?

I own 2 dogs.  Prior to owning my 2 dogs, I owned another terrier.  Her name was Lily.  Lily was a sweet, funny dog, but very dominant, temperamental, and refused to listen to any of my commands.  She ran the ship – no question!

I spent $1,000s of dollars on a professional dog trainer.  And guess what? She still never obeyed my commands.  Why? Because she was being trained by the trainer – and that’s who she listened to.

After wasting all this money on this professional dog trainer and not getting the results I wanted, I decided to invest $37 on this dog training guide.

Not only did purchasing this guide save me so much money, it taught me the importance of training myself and being consistent.

What Do I Like Most About This Product?

What I like about his product is that it addresses almost every breed you can think of.  This product was made so that every single person who uses it can reach their goal with their pet.

Daniel Stevens is not just the owner of this product.  Rather, he has surrounded himself with a supportive team that knows their stuff!

You get free email consultations with every purchase.  If you have a specific problem with your dog and can’t seem to find the answer in the book, all you have to do is email the team, and one of the members will get back to you pronto!

Most Up To Date Information

Another thing I like about this product is that it’s always kept up to date.  New dog traininig techniques are being utilized all the time.  It’s important that Daniel Stevens keeps these methods updated in his book.

If you’re planning on getting a dog or if you have a dog already and don’t know how to train him, I highly recommend reading Daniel Stevens book, Secrets to Dog Training – Not to be confused with Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer, which by the way, is another excellent book!

Can You Tell Me How To Stop Chihuahua Barking?

chihuahu screaming in phoneChihuahuas love to bark more so than other dogs. If you want to stop chihuahua barking, you need the right kind of training. A chihuahua barking excessively is hard on the ears.

Here are the best ways to stop chihuahua barking for good. Your goal will not be to eliminate barking altogether – just diminish the barking.

Top Reasons Dogs Bark

You can’t stop chihuahua barking completely due to its dominant nature. Small dogs in general are pushy. Why are these little dogs so pushy Because little dogs are so lovable, it’s natural that owners pick them up off the floor as soon as they start barking. You can stop your dog’s barking behavior by not picking him up when he starts barking.

Anxiety in Chihuahuas

dog laying flat on couchThe advantage of a Chihuahua and all other small breeds, is that their owners can carry them everywhere. As a result, your chihuahua will always expect you to take him or her with you whenever you go out. Of course, this is not always possible.

As a result of not being able to be with you all the time, your dog may develop separation anxiety. Separation anxiety will cause excessive barking. A feeling of isolation and the desire for attention is a major factor in excessive barking. Lack of physical and mental stimulation can also lead to incessant barking.

Basic Solutions

The first thing to do to stop Chihuahua barking is to cease yelling at your chihuahua when he barks, as that will give the dog the attention he/she is seeking. Do not try to stop chihuahua barking by offering the dog a treat or a toy as that will again encourage the bad behavior} .

Regular Exercise

exercise chihuahuaOne good way to stop chihuahua barking is to exercise your chihuahua regularly. Take him to a dog run. Dog runs are fun. Dog runs are also a good way to socialize your chihuahua which will alleviate separation anxiety. After you exercise your dog, teach him a few tricks and commands so that he won’t feel bored.

Barking at Visitors

If the chihuahua barks whenever a visitor comes in, try teaching him a “sit” and “quiet” command to gain his focus. Desensitize your dog to visitors by rewarding him with a treat whenever he is able to calm down and stop barking. This way, the chihuahua will associate the visitor with delicious food and begin to welcome their presence.

Barking for Attention

dog barkA lot of chihuahuas bark to gain attention from their owners. If the owner tries to appease the dog by offering him toys and food, the barking problem will persist.

The best way to solve this problem is by ignoring your chihuahua when he barks. The dog will get frustrated and tired after barking for a long while.

When the chihuahua calms down, you can show your affection and reward the dog. Every dog is different and responds best to certain kinds of rewards. Some love treats more than they love rubs.

You should mix up the rewards so that your dog doesn’t get fat from getting too many treats. Be patient and do not give in to your chihuahua’s relentless barking at the initial stage.

Barking at Passersby

Your chihuahua may get irritated whenever the postman or the deliveryman arrives and start barking non-stop. Practice the “quiet” command and whenever the passerby appears at your door step, try to gain your dog’s focus by saying the command and rewarding his calm behavior with a vigorous rub and say, “Good boy!”  Dogs love being rubbed and told how good they are. Remember, if you want to stop Chihuahua barking for good, consistency is key.

Stop German Shepherd Barking 3 Easy Tips

german shepherd barkingDoes your German Shepherd bark excessively?  Are you exasperated because you don’t know how to stop German Shepherd barking?  Follow these suggestions and you’ll have your German Shepherd behaving in no time.


The German Shepherd Breed

German Shepherds are working dogs.  They were bred initially for herding and guarding sheep.  Because German Shepherds are super protective of their owners, they make excellent guard dogs.  It’s no accident that German Shepherds are the #1 choice for the police department.

Since the German Shepherd is a dog that was bred to protect flock from predators, it’s natural for this breed to bark when it senses danger and when it’s doing it’s “job.”  So first, you must know that you won’t completely stop German Shepherd barking.  But, you can diminish it.  You can also train your German Shepherd to bark only when necessary.

Why This Breed Barks So Much

There are usually 3 reasons why a dog barks incessantly:

1)  Your failure as a dog owner to provide the bare minimum required exercise a dog needs

2)  He senses danger

3)  He’s lonely and wants your attention and company

German Shepherds love to run around.  They are herding dogs.  So, they need a purpose in life.  They need to be active.  Your GS will go absolutely nuts if he’s been cooped up all day.   You have a greater chance to stop German Shepherd barking when you incorporate time in the day to take him out for a good run.

All Dogs Need to Socialize

Be prepared for your German Shepherd to bark in excess if he’s lonely.  Dogs are social animals.  They crave the company of other social creatures.   If left alone for prolong periods of time on a regular basis, a German Shepherd will either bark excessively or chew and destroy property.


Make time for your dog.  No question.  You adopted your dog – now give him the attention he needs.  That means, you must schedule daily activities for your dog.

Take a Trip To The Dog Run

Both the dog owner and the dog benefit from being in the dog run.  A dog run is just the place a German Shepherd needs to feel like he is “working”.   A dog run is also a great place for you as the owner to make new friends!

In a dog run, since there are many different types of breeds your German Shepherd will encounter, the experience will provide your German Shepherd the exposure it needs to know that the world is a safe place.  Hence, the unnecessary barking will cease.

Train Your Dog

Another way to stop German Shepherd barking is through simple training.  German Sheperds are easy to train due to their intelligence.  The best way to train your dog is after you’ve exercised him physically.

Positive Reinforcement

When a dog has had its physical exercise, he will be mentally alert and more teachable.   After you’ve taken him out to the park and played ball with him and let him run around, take him home and let him rest.

Then stage a situation where you know your dog will bark incessantly.  For instance, if you know your dog barks when someone comes to the door, have your friend come over and knock on the door.  When your German Shepherd starts barking, immediately, stand in front of him and say, “No barking!”

When he stops barking, immediately praise him and give him a treat.   German Shepherds train very quickly and easily.  In fact, research shows that it only takes a German Shepherd up to 5 times to hear a command before he learns it!


The most effective way to stop German Shepherd barking is through consistency.  Whenever your dog starts to bark when he’s not supposed to, give him the same command every time.  Also, when he obeys, make sure you give him a treat or a hardy, “Good boy!”